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  1. 2021+ Mazda MX-30 General Discussion Forum
    One of the things (there are many) I love about my electric car is the silence. I really hated that artificial noise of acceleration that Mazda put in my MX30, so I asked to have it turned off. I love the peace and silence of just hearing the tyers on the road. No noisy combustion engine is great.
  2. 2021+ Mazda MX-30 General Discussion Forum
    Hi all, I have a rattle noise emanating from the base of the passenger side A pillar (righthand drive vehicle). I’ve tried slotting felt or foam in between with various results, nothing so far that has been 100% effective. Just wondering if anyone else has this issue from either A pillar side...
  3. 2021+ Mazda MX-30 General Discussion Forum
    When the air/fans are on a low setting I often hear what I can only describe as an electrical or interference sound. It's almost like an old dial up modem on very low volume! It doesn't really bother me just checking if anyone else gets it I've included a link to the audio, you may have to...
  4. 2021+ Mazda MX-30 General Discussion Forum
    Did anyone notice the clicking and rattling sound from the upper left corner of the driver's door and the upper right corner of the front passenger's door while driving on a bumpy road? If I insert my fingers between the door rubber and the body, the sound will stop ... but thats not a permanent...
1-4 of 4 Results