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This applies to cars with FULL Automatic AC (Air Conditioning) Only.

Mazda in North America has released a bulletin to all Mazda Dealers informing them of an issue with owners complaining of poor AC performance which has actually been around for sometime on multiple models over many years.

The small external Sensor located behind Front Bumper can be out by as much as 50 degrees Fahrenheit or 10 degrees Celsius (under reading) meaning Temperatures outside of car are physically way hotter than what the instrument reading (from Sensor) says it is resulting in the cars AC's not cooling down inside cabin as it should.

Personally I know many owners who have had issues with Mazda's poor AC performance, I trust this finally fixes the problem.

The supplier of the Sensor part to Mazda has rectified the issue with their parts manufacturing process.

Bulletin now applies to Europe and UK, therefore the rest of Mazda world.

In almost all cases if Sensor is determined to be defective the Front Bumper must be removed to access and renew Sensor, also depending on the car specifications the Radar and Cruise Control Sensors etc may require Dealer to re-aim them, We suggest Dealer has adequate NEW Sensors in parts stock so rectification can be performed on the same day.

Note: Not All cars with this sensor has defective Temp Sensor units, only those found to be incorrectly reading outside ambient temperatures will be renewed while still under normal new car warranty.

This is Not a Recall.

See the .Pdf Attached. with more details.
Normal Warranty Period Applies.


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