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We just got our MX-30, a nearly new, had 7000 km when we got it (thats 3 mounth of driving for us, so well worth the 5000$ price under the new price)

Love it! Very nice to drive, like the looks of it, has the Cosmo so very well equipped.

Drive 40-80 miles/day, so range no problem, and charge it over night with the granny.

We save about the same on fuel what the MX-30 cost in loan and charging, so basicly a new car for free.

Didn't even test it or any other EV:s before we bought it, just got tired of the insane gas prices and the Mazda fit our driving profile and price range. Was like a spontanius buy that took 2 days from idea intill we had made a deal.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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