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Hey all aim new here!

I have a question, about heating or cooling the batterie.
Do I need to warm the battery in the winter time?

I was wondering if I need to keep the battery warm at all times, even when its parked in front of the house?
And the same question in the summer, do I need to cool it in the summer when its parked in front of the house?

Thanks in advance,


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Clubdore hI, the battery heating system is automatic. It is meant to kick in at -5 degrees and switch off when at + 10 degrees. You can activate it differently to improve DC charging but that involves a complex set up process.

Battery heater
The battery heater is designed to maintain the appropriate high voltage battery
Because the driving performance and the charging performance decrease if the high
voltage battery temperature decreases, decreases in their performance are reduced
by maintaining the appropriate high voltage battery temperature using the battery
When the high voltage battery temperature decreases significantly while parking or
charging, the battery heater operates. When the temperature increases to the
specified value, the heater turns off. The only setting is automatic or off. It is recommended that the car is plugged and ready to charge as the ev battery heater draws power from the batteries

The battery cooling is done by the car as follows;

Battery cooling
If the high voltage battery temperature reaches 40 ႏ (104 ႔) or higher after driving
the vehicle, it is possible to cool the high voltage battery while the vehicle is parked
for maintaining a long high voltage battery life.
If the Excessive Battery Temperature notification is displayed on the centre display
after completing a trip, select Start to operate the battery cooling. (By start I assume they mean the car as battery cooling is not an/off setting and again is automatic)
Because the electrical power of the high voltage battery is used by the battery
cooling, we recommend that the charge connector is connected to the vehicle while
the battery cooling is operating, when parked in a location where charging is available

Hope this helps, Alan
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