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Sorry my grammar and missing correct technical terms etc 馃槄 English is not my first language:

Does Mazda MX-30 (first edition) restrict it's battery capacity during loading as default or does driver restrict it manually? How full do you load? 80/90% or everytime 100% does that help maintaining longer battery life?

I load 90% in daily use in work trips and 100% when I drive long trips....

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Same here, I charge to 90% for everyday trips and once in a time to 100%. I do it by restricting to 90% in the EV parameters.
The main reason to charge to 90% is I live uphill (10% slope for 1,5 km) and with a full charge I do not have any regen going down (at 90% I regen 1 or 2 % but I mostly do it not have to use friction brakes).

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As you know there are two ways to restrict charging %. Go to setting ev settings.

You should have AC and DC % charge setting showing. You can press in and adjust accordingly. This is for manual charging

If you have a set schedule you can edit the schedule and put a % level in there also.

The schedule % will override any manual charge setting if you use a schedule.

As for % charge its simple. If you don't need 100% then go for required %. Charging to 100% will not really harm the battery unless you are doing it daily, especially on DC chargers! A top up to 100% on occasion is a good thing to do actually.

A lot depends on what you got the car for, how long you intend to keep it and if you care about future ownership. If you need the range use it. If you intend long term ownership 20 - 80% is widely regarded as the best charge range for battery longevity. If you don't care 馃し

Battery balancing is done by the cars BMS (battery management system) to ensure all cells are exercised accordingly.


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for long life stay between 20 and 80 %
you can slow charge up to 90 100% but never ever often repeat fast charge at 100% only to 80% it takes minimum 1 hour to go from 80 to 100% wich is a no no because long lines at charging stations and your battery gets very hot wich decreases lifespan
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