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Picked up the car today.

First, something about the dealer, Mazda in Newbury were pretty good to be fair, no issues, they handled the homecharger install for us which Mazda paid for( offer since been withdrawn), which was completed within 10 days of putting a deposit down on the car and 2 days before the car arrived 👍

The car itself is as we expected. There’s a real air of quality to the interior, a really nice place to be. I’m having to learn to drive all over again but the car makes it easy to drive at legal limits. The amount of driver aids is mind boggling! You’d pay a fortune for them on a ‘prestigious‘ mark……
Its by know means what you’d call quick.
Im not going to harp on about the range, we knew what to expect and that’s exactly what we got, 126 miles.
The Mazda app is pants!
Was surprised to hear the fans come on as soon I plugged it in to charge, which I believe is battery cooling, is this to be expected every time, and if not, on a long run,do you have to wait for it to cool before fast charging?
The alarm went off when the wife updated the app.
These are by no means complaints, just part of the ’EV journey’

We like it👍

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