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Disconnect Charger to Start Vehicle Message, but No Charger is Connected.

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There is a new TSB just out for EUROPE Concerning the following....

This TSB is only a few days old RO19/23 5th April 2023

What happens...
Some vehicles may exhibit that "Disconnect Charger to Start Vehicle" message is displayed in the instrument cluster without the charging cable being connected and then Ready-ON is not possible.

The message may be displayed at a stop during driving, then the vehicle turns to Ready-OFF position and never goes to Ready-ON position.

The Cause is the onboard charger may detect the false error for the charging cable as being in connection.

The Fix is @ Mazda Dealer ONLY with a specific Charging Module called MDRT loaded with the updated data to recalibrate cars systems for on board charger.

Now this special tool is on a loan out basis where cars must be scheduled and booked to perform this update @ Mazda Dealer.
There is a specific Procedure to run this specific update which I will not go into as it is basically pointless as only Dealers have access to loan this Mazda Special Tool from Mazda Motors Europe.

The OBDII Specific Dongle Tool.

Hardware Part NumberFile Name

Automotive lighting Rectangle Cartoon Automotive exterior Font

VINS are..
Europe (L.H.D. & UK R.H.D Specs.) JMZ DR 200001 to 209626 - Mar. 30, 2023

IF you are having this issue I suggest you contact your Mazda Dealer and quote this TSB Number, as I said this NEW TSB is only a few days old. Your Mazda Dealer actually has to approach MME to get a loan of this tool and make certain your car is @ Dealership for reprogramming.

These arrangements can be determined and discussed with your local Mazda Service Advisor.
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ONLY for MX-30 in Europe and UK.

The OBD Dongle Tool is an expensive loaner tool from MME to Dealers, Obviously they have more than one tool, however there is a protocol for the Mazda Dealer to receive this device.

The car can NOT be updated in any other way.

Also as this is new repair method please don't flood your Dealers with enquiries as they will only repair those who are actually having this particular issue and they know if your car has thrown the DTC code for this issue or not.
This software correction ONLY applies to 2023 MX-30's with last 6 Digits of your VIN starting with a 2xxxxx.
Example ONLY.... JMZDR1WBJ00201008.

This repair issue does not apply to 2021/22 MX-30 which has a VIN of 1xxxxx, Eg. JMZDR1WBJ00101068
One semi-solution if you are stuck on a carpark or similiar is to connect a charging cable to the car, have other end go through the window and car is ready to go. Can atleast get the car back home.
Not sure this works on every model but worked for me. After charging it at home car is now once again working as intended.

2022 MX-30
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Same problem for me: had it about 3 times stuck in my garage (fortunately)after home recharge with the "granny charger". Since the first time it happened, i solved disconnecting 12 V battery for several seconds (reset) and reconnecting, but this couldn't be the final solution. Went to my dealer and after inspecting the vehicle they told me to wait for their call to have the vehicle updated with the OBD dongle. In the meantime, and waiting for the update, i found another solution to the problem: go to EV settings - lock/unlock connector options and select "lock during recharge" instead of default "lock during connection" (my menu is in italian, i don't know if in the english menu is exacltly so). I thought this because i noted that immediately before displaying the error "Disconnect Charger to Start Vehicle" , i heard repeated "click-clack" from the connector zone of the car even after the cable connector was released, as if the car was trying to lock-unlock connector repeatly. This solution worked fine and since that momento i never had the error again.
Hope this would help.
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I also had the same problem. Fortunately the Mazda dealer has already reprogrammed it! (y)

However, one of the workarounds that worked for me was, whenever the error appears:
1- turn off the car
2- connect the cable
3- I start the car (no error appears, as if the cable is not connected)
4- I turn off the car and wait about 3 minutes.
5- I turn the car on again (with the cable still connected) » it tells me that the cable is pluged.
6- I turn off the car, disconnect the cable and it returns to normal.
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There is an issue with certain brand of charge cable, will get details soon.
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I had this issue on a store parking lot. Parked the car, went to do some shopping and when I came back and started the car it gave me this error. I never charged at the store either. Had around 20% charge left, it was raining, I have only used the supplied Mennekes brand cable if that info is usefull to someone.

Removed negative from battery to fix it there.
MX-30 (DR) - With Mode2 home charger cable, charging stops after short time
TSB NUMBER: MME/R001/23 , May 12th2023

The Issue
Some customers may complain that, when using the Mode2 (230V) charger cable on Mx-30 IPM#1 vehicle, HV charging starts up normal but stops after a short time. Time can vary; either of following may occur
  • Red light on vehicle charger port illuminated.
  • Warning message for “charging malfunction” shown on instrument cluster.
  • DTC P0D67:00 stored.
  • Blue lights on Mode2 charger cable either illuminated or flashing.
No issue when charging on a WallBox or Quick-Charger.

Improper software logic of the control module of the Mode2 charger cable .

Control software of the Mode2 charger cable control module has been modified.

Part Number of the improved cable is shown below at the Part Information section.

In addition, the improved cable can also be cross-checked by the Serial Number as following;
• MP change date of Mode2 cable with new SW : February.2023
• Serial Number : LWB01 onward

The production date can be identified by the engraved serial number at bottom side of the charger cable control unit housing.
Rectangle Font Parallel Pattern Circle

1: Date Code
2: Serial Number

Production date Jan.2023 or earlier = with OLD SW.
Production date Feb.2023 or later = with NEW SW.

Vehicle spec VIN Range Production Date Range
from to from to
Europe (L.H.D. & UK Specs.) JMZ DR **** ** 200001 999999 - TBD

  • Confirm the symptom, the vehicle is IPM#1, and the cable is Mode2 as mentioned above; and replace the cable with the improved one.
  • If there are any further DTC’s stored apart of P0D67:00, then follow the workshop manual for the diagnostic procedure. P0D67:00 only is not always an indication for a malfunction.

Rectangle Font Parallel Number Circle

NOTE: Please ensure to select the CORRECT Part Number which is applicable to your market.
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First Post the MX-30 Car VINS has been updated See in RED 209626 - Mar. 30, 2023
Thanks ASH8.
So: what should we do? Should we interest our mazda service and ask for warranty replacement? Or is there no replacement by mazda and we have to provide it at our own expense?
You must complain to your Dealer that you are having a specific issues as listed, if car is under warranty and or your complaint was recorder while MX-30 was under warranty then yes the cable should be renewed.
You must complain to your Dealer that you are having a specific issues as listed, if car is under warranty and or your complaint was recorder while MX-30 was under warranty then yes the cable should be renewed.
OK, Thanks
This morning i went to my Mazda service to complain about the issue with the mennekes charger, quoting TSB and explaining that it was a problem that mazda was already aware of. They didn't know anything about it but looked at the error messages recorded on the app in My phone and took note. They assured me that they would check with mazda and order a new charger produced with the new software. I will keep you updated
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