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I'm a new member in this forum. Entered the forum a couple of month ago but haven't been using it at lot.
There are many nice and helpfull comments in here and I think it's now time to be an "active" member.

We have got our MX-30 this year in July. The car is actually a first edition with first registration date in september 2020.
The car was imported from Germany with just 1700 km. So it was basically a new car.

The car fits our purpose perfectly. It's most of the time my wife who is using it for her daily commuting.
For longer trips we use my CX-5 so it is selden we have to charge the car at public charging stations.

We are were satisfied with car for now :) and even more after the artificial engine noise is gone.

Updates and recalls for now:
AM020A - Front airbag passenger side (the physical airbag is replaced)

For changing at home we are using a wallbox from the Finnish company Trafomic model WALLe 6 kw.
It's really good stuff especially for the nordic climate. The charger can be set to 25 Amp single phase charging. They also have a 32 Amp model but that model are usually not sold in countries that operates with 16 Amp fuses.
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