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Hi and welcome! i'm sure you won't be disappointed by your MX 30. Where do you live in Spain? And what about the charging stations? Are they working well and are they many of them?

I am from Madrid, hot in summer, cold in winter (for Spain) haha.

So far I am really happy with the purchase amd with Mazda im general (4th i bought having 3 of them currently)

where I live there are some free of charge stations, but in any case I charge it either at home or work, do not really need to charge outside.

In general in Spain the charging network is really reduced, but I did a couple of months ago a 1000 kilometers trip in a single day with a Mini SE, with similar battery size than the Mazda and I could did it without many troubles. The Key is that also, there are only a few electric cars, but this is changing fast.
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