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Here is my contribution.
I have been lurking since taking ownership of a demonstrator 2021 GT Sport Tech on 24 May 2022. The car had 3400 miles and I was hoping all teething troubles had been sorted.
Thanks to those posters who have demystified the MX-30 for me and thanks for allowing forum access without having to sign-up.
I am impressed by the MX-30 Digital Manual: -
Thank you mazdausa for making this available as a PDF. I click on the Index bookmark and it takes me to page 538/547.
I am now happy to have a useable PDF manual and find the on-line digital manual very user-friendly.

First job was to get a skinny spare wheel (£170). The original order was a poor fit, but replaced without fuss. Glad I practiced fitting the spare at home to reveal that it was impossible to fit. 17" SPACE SAVER SPARE WHEEL + TOOL KIT FITS MAZDA CX-30 (2019-PRESENT DAY) | eBay
I park under trees and the birds love to poop on my windscreen. After extending my pressure washer hose, I found prevention was better than cure.
Maypole Breathable Car Cover Grey
I had provided a 13A socket for slow-charging the Mazda, but frequent grandparent duties caused me to consider a 32A charger. I had a spare outlet from my consumer unit and a spare 63A RCD to feed to the armoured cable
in the garden(£110).
Prysmian 6943X Black 3-Core 6mm² Armoured Cable 25m Coil
EV chargers can be expensive, but this portable solution (£190) ticked all the boxes. 7kW 32A with step-down to 8A.
EV Car Charger 7KW 32A Fast Charger Level 2 Home Electric Charger Station 220V | eBay
The CX-30 forum drew my attention to a dash cam that looked OEM. I bought this via Amazon (£170), but feel direct trading with China would be OK with this company.,electronics,65&sr=1-1
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