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MX 30 First edition ceramic
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In feb 2022 we bought our MX 30 First Edition. It was curious how it went. We got in Januari an invitation for a drive in the new CX 5. in the first corner however i thought: this is not it. maybe because the 3 we got drives so well around corners. my love also drove the CX 5 and said the same. I understand for the kind of car the CX 5 corners well, but the difference with the 3 is to big. After returning the CX 5 I saw an MX 30 and loved it at first sight. next day we went back for a drive in the MX 30 and at the first corner I got a smile on my face which became bigger and bigger. [ Later I understood that 3, CX 30 and MX 30 share a lot of the chassis] So the day ended with the buy of the MX 30.
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