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Hi everyone,

we have picked up our Mazda MX-30 - Machine Gray Metallic 145 Luxury with darkbrown interior - just two days ago and we are very happy with it!

One thing stands out immediately: it is a uniquely looking, stunning car in real life. (Not that it is very important, but we already had several interested people asking us what car it is)

We actually test drove other EV’s beside the Mazda like the Peugeot e-2008 and the Volvo XC-40. Peugeot has more range but did not convince us from a design perspective. Volvo is basically a perfect EV (range, space, looks, power) but a bit too pricey for us. Hyundai Kona, Volkswagen, Polestar, Tesla did not meet our wishes and/or budget.

So we actually looked at what we really need and found out that a large range is not really an issue to us. My wife works in the provence/home town and I work mostly from home with some clients within 60km. We do have two small kids and occasionally go on trips, but those are always in the Netherlands and all within range (of course there needs to be a charge station/laadpaal at the destination). Also, we do not mind a stop during the trip to stretch our legs and charge the car.

First real test: I drove a distance of 110km on the highway (speed +- 105km/h) and a bit of city and started out with 150km range on the display and ended up with 15km, so: 135km was the actual range (Apple CarPlay was on and charging my phone + eco climate control instead of AC)

Let me list up the first impressions: positives and some challenges/concerns.

positive impressions
• a really well designed car: looks great and has a elegant style (personally think it’s the best designed EV in this price category)
• it’s a bit bigger than you would expect from the pictures
• the luxury edition is worth the price: it’s such a premium car and driving experience with convenient extra’s
• really clear and useful head up display
• enough space for family with small kids

• range could be a challenge and thus we installed our own home charger (connected to our solar panels to pick best moments to charge)
• the suicide doors look really cool, but we need to get used to them
• It is a bit dark in the back of the car and the kids have a smaller window. We have opened the sunroof cover to create more light
• The charging cable is not long, thinking about buying a longer one

Well, that’s it for now. Thanks for the information on this forum and if you have any questions, let me know!

Greetings from The Netherlands,


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De laadkabel is gewoon een standaard maat. m'n vrouw haar tesla model 3 heeft exact dezelfde laadkabel, zowel merk als lengte. De lader voor het normale stopcontact is zelfs aanzienlijk langer dan die van de tesla.
Er zijn idd. wel langere te koop, maar zijn zeer prijzig.
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