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Hey everyone I have owned my MX-30 since March and here in Ireland we have 3 main big EV charging providers ESB, EASYGO, and IONITY (there are more I am sure, but these are the main 3).

The first 2 I have never had any issues charging my car just plug and charge, but IONITY I’ve been on the phone with them trouble shooting this tones of times and I always get the same error on their chargers.

Something about my "Car should be turned off" when it is full turned off and even the doors are locked. Obviously not all country’s have IONITY chargers, but has anyone else come across certain charger providers just outright not working no matter where where you use that EV charger.

So this is what happens:
1. I first open the App / Website (I've tried both)
2. Then I choose my payment options,
3. I get a notification in my banking app then accept the payment
4. The car begins to charge.
5. 30 sec to 1 min the car just shows an error on the Dash the charging has failed
6. Then the IONITY charger itself shows this error.

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It sounds like ionity chargers have either an incompatibility with the mx30 or not 100% connection with the mx30 ccs socket as this can produce a signalling error of the type you are getting. They can produce this error if the cable is not rammed home and kept tight as it is heavier than some others. It also states you have to hold it in until the car charge point locks and the indicator show charging. I assume you have done all of this and it made no difference! If so I am running on empty :(

Never tried them so I may be talking nonsense but interested in any solution provided for future use!


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I've had exactly the same issue with Ionity chargers:

When I connect the car to the Ionity charger and use my Easygo fob, I get a message to say that charging is commencing in the car, and a message on the Ionity screen to say it is establishing communications with the car.

Then, the Ionity charger states "Error: communication problems. Make sure car is turned off, then retry."
The error message in the car is "charging interrupted. See owners manual for details".

I have tried different Ionity chargers, and also tried support from Ionity. They say that the Mx30 should charge, but there may be a problem with the car.

I'd love to hear of anybody who has charged successfully with Ionity
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