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Hello there.

I have solar panels that max out at 2kWh. My wall charger now has a charging speed configured at 4,6kWh.

When the sun shines, it means i'm still consuming energy when charging (4,6kWh - 2kWh + the household consumption = more than 2,6 kWh)

It is possible however, to configure my wall charger to a "very" low charging speed. For example 1,8kWh.

This means I'll probably be charging VERY regularly, but also VERY cheaply.

Is charging that slow, but very often, bad for the battery?

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Extract from EV charging article

"One advantage of charging slowly is keeping your battery healthy. Time for a very quick lesson in lithium-ion batteries you find in EVs – as you charge or discharge them, the internal resistance in each cell creates heat. Do it quickly, and there’s a lot of heat. That has the potential to shorten the life of your EV battery, so charging slowly means less heat, and potentially a healthier battery"

So low and slow is healthier than high and fast and you will save you money 🎊🎊😄
Keeping the charge below 90% also helps.
Very regular short charge burst's are not recommended (6.6 or 40kw)

At the end of the day many factors come into play such as potential length of ownership, daily mileage requirements, whether you give a damn etc.

Low and slow for longer periods is the way to go in my opinion to protect longevity even at the charge level you state.


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Actually the slower you charge any Lithium Combo Battery the better and it will last longer.
Heat is the enemy as it is for Lead Acid.
Fast charging Battery produces excess heat

And again Alan is correct. ;)
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