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I like goodies/ extras for my cars. I always get a protective key cover, after dropping my keys once,
ending with € 650 in costs for new keys and coding.

So I found a nice covers on the Mazda site.. .. but the exact color of the car. So I ordered it..

Automotive lighting Product Mobile phone Motor vehicle Tin

..turns out its not a cover, but two tiny replacement plastic covers, that don't add any protection..

So I started looking for an alternative..
Tin Automotive lighting Rectangle Granny smith Gadget

... found one on Amazon for € 8,- , in silver though.

Officially its not for the MX-30, but for also the CX-30. The difference is the MX-30 does not have a remote boot unlock.

Not a big issue : the transparent window on the side is just bigger then the two buttons.

Anyway, this is plastic and somewhat shock absorbent, and almost the same color..

..this is metallic red, some shades 'off' .. .. but who cares at € 14,54..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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