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In regard to this advice in the manual:

The high voltage battery life changes
depending on the vehicle conditions or
charging method.
For maintaining a long high voltage
battery life, be careful of the following:
Charging the high voltage battery
x Avoid unnecessary, frequent
x Charge the battery normally and
avoid quick charging as much as
x Only charge the battery with as much
power as needed, and do not always
fully charge the battery.
What do they mean by unnecessary/frequent charging - is the general rule 20 - 80%?
Avoiding quick charging - do they mean 40/50kw charging at services etc - is it better for the battery to use slower i.e. home charging?

Sorry for all the questions :)

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To be honest, I think those are default advices, applicable to all EV's batteries in general. Something that you want in the manual.

I don't think we are going to damage the battery with a normal use, even if we end up charging fast often.

In my experience, even though the MX-30 accepts up to 50kW, I never managed to go above 36.7 kW, which I doubt it is enough to damage the battery in a long run.

Yes, I would avoid to charge it every day from 80% to 100%.
Yes, I would also prefer to charge it in AC whenever possible.
However, unless you plan to keep the car for 10 years, I doubt you are going to notice any impactful degradation of the battery due to normal recharge operations.
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