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Font Gas Electric blue Rectangle Display device

For those interested Mazda updates Firmware or Software for Mazda Connect about 1 to 2 times per year.

While the MX-30 should self Firmware update via OTA (Over The Air) this is not always the case due to MX-30 owner not pairing cars Mazda Connect (CMU Connectivity Master Unit and or TCU Telematics Control Unit) with appropriate and local Phone or Mobile Carrier for many reasons, usually the main reason is the owner does not use the same company that Mazda accepts (usually only the one (1) Phone/data Carrier in and for each Country/Region).

Or you can update manually, this is usually Only done at Mazda Dealer Service dept level.
However if you as the owner of your MX-30 is competent with platform updates on your PC or Phone then in many cases you can perform factory updates in your Mazda.

While I am only talking about updating the cars CMU in this thread there are many other Control Units which can be updated and again many of these can ONLY be done by qualified Mazda Dealer Service Department techs using a specific Mazda approved laptop with installed copywritten Mazda diagnostic program called MDARS (Mazda Diagnostic and Repair Software) via a OBD II Port Mazda VCM II (Bosch made) cabled passthrough unit and laptop PC (MS Windows 64 bit OS ONLY).

The reasons for updates are like any other Software Updates is to fix bugs and or features not working correctly.
To check what is installed in your MX-30 right now is do the following..

CMU Software Version Verification Procedure
1. Turn the ignition switch to ACC mode with the push button start while
depressing the brake pedal, push the power switch to turn
the power ON (READY ON).
2. Select ”Settings” on the Home screen.
3. Select “System Setting”.
4. Select “System Information”.
5. Select “Version Information”.
6. CMU System Software version number should be listed like 11003,
Gracenote is the music title file version and updates with any new firmware.
Can ONLY update system you can Not downgrade to any earlier Versions.

In many cases unfortunately not all Mazda Dealers update your Firmware/Software as part of the normal Service Schedule. They usually only update if directed to do so by MNAO or Owner (you) complains of a particular problem with Infotainment, etc.

So I suggest you check the version running in car now by doing above.

The Current Genuine Mazda Updateable Version for MX-30 is NA02_11036 for North America.
The Current Genuine Mazda Updateable Version for MX-30 is EU02_11028 for Europe and UK, Australia/NZ/Asia/Oceania.

If your MX-30 is Below listed numbers for your Region or Country then yes you can update your cars Infotainment.
If your MX-30 is already On or Above the listed Version number for your Country or Region then obviously you can not update as only above listed file version is available.

Yes I can help you with NA02_11036 or EU02_11028 file Version if you want a downloadable copy to update yourself, please message me only, each file comes with full installation instructions in .Pdf.


It is not difficult to install and much much easier than Gen 6 in older Mazda's.
These files will not be publicly made available, however you can message me for an update file if your selling Mazda Dealer does not run the update for you.

As Mazda distribution only offers updates about 1 to 2 times per year in many cases If you have just bought your brand new MX-30 then the Version installed on the production line is always a newer or later version or a higher number than what Service Departments can offer you. On rare occasions you may have bought old model year MX-30 or your Dealer did not update during Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI).

I suggest you check annually to see if any updates are now available, if there is a later version you can if you wish update Connect yourself, again easy .Pdf Instructions are provided with download.

I am here to help you if you want and not to hinder owners or hinder Mazda, I have had many, many years experience with this brand and make of car and always own this brand of car, you will see me around on many Mazda forums usually under same user name and owned by this great forum company. So you can check out the Mazda3Revolution Forum if you wish.
Firmware Updates Mazda 3.

I do not ever and will not ever misrepresent the brand or believe in changing what is done to your car during the cars warranty period, so please do not ask me how to TWEAK Mazda Connect system as I do not ever go there.

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Please only Message me for any update links as I will never post them live on this forum and trust you will do the same.

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Here is the Changelog for MX-30 EU02_11028 which I suggest Owners check and update if OTA is not functional.

NOTE: This update using an USB memory is available for all markets regardless OTA availability.


The following symptoms can be solved or changes have been made
by the latest software (Ver. 7000C0A-EU02_11028).

(Ver. 7000C0A-EU02_11028)
• Screen freezes and goes to white screen, then the system reboots.
• Steering switches and commander switch cannot control the audio system.
• DTC U3000:49 is stored which may be accompanied with following symptoms.
- No sound comes out from the speakers.
- Audio source selection is unavailable.

(Ver. 7000C0A-EU02_11026)
• The device name may not appear when connected using CarPlayTM.
• After installing an accessory device, DTC U2301:56 may be stored.
• The system may repeat rebooting right after starting. Removing navigation SD card stops rebooting.
• When playing music using an USB connected iPhone, album artwork may not appear.
• After updating the emergency call unit (TCU in MDARS) software, DTC U2142:00 (communication error with microphone) may be stored.
• Android AutoTM may not appear on the entertainment screen.
• When using CarPlayTM, the screen may turn black.
• When a Bluetooth® device is disconnected, the screen may freeze.
• When a destination is sent from MyMazda application, the destination may not be registered.
• When the system reboots, registered information for a paired Bluetooth® device may be lost.
• When the gear is shifted from reverse position to parking position, the center display may turn black.
• When listening to the radio, steering switch operation for auto-tuning may erase the banner.

(Ver. 7000C0A-EU02_11020)
• When an artist or an album title is selected using voice command, no track may be played.
• When “Call Time Signal” is talked using voice command, Bluetooth® connection may be disconnected and the screen may freeze on communication to the time signal.
• Voice command may not be recognized.
• While multiple USB devices are connected, track selection using voice command may result in the error message “Too many tracks. This function is not available”.
• While adjusting Fader/Balance, if the volume knob is pressed and held to turn the power off, next time the power is turned on, the lines showing current setting for Fader/Balance may not appear.
• If the main power is turned off and then on quickly, while a Bluetooth® device is connected, Bluetooth® connection may not be resumed.
• After changing the distance unit in the system setting display, the energy efficiency unit in the EcoEnergyManagement screen may not change.
• After updating the emergency call unit (TCU in MDARS) software, DTC for disconnection of the mic may be stored in the CMU.
• After particular operations, the parking sensor screen may freeze.
• The 360° view monitor screen may be overlaid with the home screen.
• Language selection may fail to change.
• Warning message may appear leading to a reboot.
• While playing audio tracks using Android AutoTM and displaying the map using Android AutoTM, turning the main power off may lead to a reboot.
• Android AutoTM may fail to connect.
• While using Android AutoTM, turning the main power off may lead to the display to keep turning on.
• After connecting a device to use Apple CarPlayTM, turning the main power on may lead to a reboot.
• [Dutch] Improper spelling for “Gemiddelde efficiëntie”.
• [German] Improper translation for “Fahrersitztemperatur”.

(Ver. 7000C0A-EU02_11018)
• Update detail screen shows incomplete sentence and trying to scroll to the beginning of the sentence leads to the whole sentence to disappear.
• Place markers setting may not keep the change and it may return to the default setting.

(Ver. 7000C0A-EU02_11016)
• Even if not applicable to the vehicle, charging stations with all of 6 types of connectors appear for searching/displaying the point of interest.
• Charging stations appearing at searching/displaying the point of interest are classified by power output but should be by connector type (Type 2: Normal. CCS2: Fast).

(Ver. 7000C0A-EU02_11010)
• If a connected mobile device has a problem, DTC U3000:49 (CMU internal malfunction) may be stored.
• Even after changing the setting for temperature unit, the temperature unit in PreAircon_TimerTemperature may not be changed.
• While voice recognition guidance is in play, if the Bluetooth® connection to a mobile device is disconnected, voice command may not be accepted.
• Even after a Bluetooth® connection has been disconnected, the icon showing active Bluetooth® connection may continue to be displayed.
• If “Steering shift switch” is selected in the favorites list, it may not move to the setting screen.

  • iPod, iPhone, and Apple CarPlay are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.
  • Android and Android Auto are registered trademarks of Google LLC.
  • The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

In Connected Service available markets, support the customer according to OTA customer care guide at first when receiving information of difficulty in completing OTA from a customer.
If OTA cannot be completed even after multiple attempts at the customer, update the software version of the CMU according to the updating procedure MANUALLY.

In case of the customer complaint on the above symptom(s), update the software version of the CMU regardless Connected Service availability.

- The update software for MX-30 (DR) is not compatible with MAZDA3 (BP) and CX-30 (DM). Be careful not to use a wrong software.

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Changelog updated ABOVE for EU02_11028.

Many of these changes would also apply in principal for USA MX-30 but it is NOT the same Firmware as USA (NA02) has, currently they are using an even later version, NA02_11036.

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Yes, it has a later version.

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New Firmware is now update for MX-30 (EU02) 11028, see updated Changelog Above.
Message if you want the new file to upgrade your MX-30.

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I have an Oz MX30 delivered a month ago with software verion 11024
I am trying to get an Apply CarPlay wireless adaptor to work with it.
It has been suggested I update the firmware in the MX30
Is this something you are able to assist with?

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hi ash8
i have just got a mx 30 and the software version is on 11020 and was wondering if you can send us the update at all just joined the forum today as i googled the update and took me to this page
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