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Mazda Connect Firmware Updates MX-30

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Mazda has just released Firmware updates for MX-30 Mazda Connect.
This is the second release for Mazda Connect in Europe/UK/North America.

New is...

EU02 11030 MX-30 For Europe and UK.
*EU10 1xxxx MX-30 For Europe and UK. (OTA Only No Standalone File yet available)
NA02 11036 MX-30 For USA and Canada.
NA10 10004 MX-30 2023~ For USA and Canada is now available.

If your MX-30 is Below this version numbers I suggest you complain of an issue with Connect to get your Mazda Dealer to update your cars Mazda Connect file, or if you are tech savvy we can supply you with a download link and full instructions on how to, it's very easy.

Can I also just add, you do not need to be a computer expert to install these new Mazda Connect updates as they are very easy to do, note you can not install the wrong file as your latest model now prevents you from making mistakes 😉.
Please do not rely on your Mazda Dealer Service Department to run these new updates as so many are not trained and or it is not part of normal servicing schedule, but it should be.

You must message me as links can not be posted publicly.
Yes they are genuine files and I wish there was not a need to help Mazda owners as unfortunately Mazda Dealers are very poor at updating systems, many techs are still just too old school and reluctant.

Unfortunately Mazda OTA (over the air if equipped) updates are also problematic, but one day Mazda will get on-top of it.

The reasons for updates are like any other Software Updates is to fix bugs and or features not working correctly.
To check what is installed in your MX-30 right now is do the following..

CMU Software Version Verification Procedure
1. Turn the ignition switch to ACC mode with the push button start while
depressing the brake pedal, push the power switch to turn
the power ON (READY ON).
2. Select ”Settings” on the Home screen.
3. Select “System Setting”.
4. Select “System Information”.
5. Select “Version Information”.
6. CMU System Software version number should be listed like 11003,
Gracenote is the music title file version and updates with any new firmware.
Can ONLY update system you can Not downgrade to any earlier Versions.

In many cases unfortunately not all Mazda Dealers update your Firmware/Software as part of the normal Service Schedule. They usually only update if directed to do so by MNAO or Owner (you) complains of a particular problem with Infotainment, etc.

So I suggest you check the version running in car now by doing above.

The Current Genuine Mazda Updateable Version for MX-30 is NA02_11036 for North America.
The Current Genuine Mazda Updateable Version for MX-30 is EU02_11030 for Europe and UK, Australia/NZ/Asia/Oceania.
EU10_110xx for Europe not yet available. 2022 MY ~
NA10_10004 for USA/Canada is now available. 2023 MY ~
* OTA Only at this stage.

If your MX-30 is Below listed numbers for your Region or Country then yes you can update your cars Infotainment.
If your MX-30 is already On or Above the listed Version number for your Country or Region then obviously you can not update as only above listed file version is available.

Yes I can help you with NA02_11036 or EU02_11030 file Version if you want a downloadable copy to update yourself, please message me only, each file comes with full installation instructions in .Pdf.


It is not difficult to install and much much easier than Gen 6 in older Mazda's.
These files will not be publicly made available, however you can message me for an update file if your selling Mazda Dealer does not run the update for you.

As Mazda distribution only offers updates about 1 to 2 times per year in many cases If you have just bought your brand new MX-30 then the Version installed on the production line is always a newer or later version or a higher number than what Service Departments can offer you. On rare occasions you may have bought old model year MX-30 or your Dealer did not update during Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI).

I suggest you check annually to see if any updates are now available, if there is a later version you can if you wish update Connect yourself, again easy .Pdf Instructions are provided with download.

I am here to help you if you want and not to hinder owners or hinder Mazda, I have had many, many years experience with this brand and make of car and always own this brand of car, you will see me around on many Mazda forums usually under same user name and owned by this great forum company. So you can check out the Mazda3Revolution Forum if you wish.
Firmware Updates Mazda 3.

I do not ever and will not ever misrepresent the brand or believe in changing what is done to your car during the cars warranty period, so please do not ask me how to TWEAK Mazda Connect system as I do not ever go there.

If you want to get your Mazda Dealer to update the firmware of your MX-30s Mazda Connect you MUST complain to them of an issue as 9 times out of 10 your Dealer will not update to latest file as Mazda Japan will only pay your Dealer under Warranty if there is a causal problem.

I suggest you mention to Dealer that your Mazda Connect Screen just freezes and then reboots by itself. This is a known issue on some MX-30s which is fixed with this latest firmware update.

ALSO NOTE: Do not rely on your Mazda Dealer to update your Firmware for Connect as most never will unless you complain of a specific issue or fault.
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Да, он устарел, 11028 является последним, и я уверен, что TCU также нуждается в обновлении.
Я отправил вам сообщение.
Здравствуйте! Не могли бы вы мне тоже прислать последнюю версию прошивки для региона Северной Америки?
Заранее спасибо!

Информация о версии
Пакет: 11002
База данных Gracenote

[email protected]
Hi guys and gal's,

AGAIN if I could take a second of your time.
I have been a Mazda fan and owner since 1973 and have worked in Mazda management for many decades, so I have seen it all and still love this brand and direction the company is now heading since Ford sold out (thank goodness).

We as Mazda enthusiasts Must regularly buy new models to support Hiroshima, been there officially and unofficially Hiroshima reminds me of Adelaide.
Yes, I am concerned whether Mazda can survive because covid is still wreaking havoc all over we must support Mazda.

So you may ask why I do what I do here and for what reward.
Well there is no reward, I like giving people good old fashioned Service., help, .. it is that simple.
Yeah I get grumpy, but never be afraid to ask.
Ash :oops:
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I have sent you a download link for 11028 MX-30 Connect Firmware that should solve your issues, All how to instructions are included in link. ONLY place the .kwi File onto Clean FAT32 Formatted USB Flash Drive, plug into cars USB Port and follow install instructions. These are all Genuine Mazda Firmware Updates.
Hi ASH8, This seems very interesting. Are you saying that if I update the firmware of my UK MX-30 Connect I would be able to get WIRELESS Apple CarPlay instead of wired as got from factory in 2021? Thx, Gabo
I have sent you a download link for 11028 MX-30 Connect Firmware that should solve your issues,
All how to instructions are included in link.
ONLY place the .kwi File onto Clean FAT32 Formatted USB Flash Drive, plug into cars USB Port and follow install instructions.
These are all Genuine Mazda Firmware Updates.
Hi ASH8,
This is very interesting. Do you mean that if I update my MX-30 Connect of a 2021 UK version, I will be able to get Wireless Apple CarPlay instead of wires as delivered from factory?
I have sent you a private message, please respond.
Здравствуйте! Вы можете отправить мне прошивку для региона NA?
[email protected]

К нибудь помогите пожалуйста! Не могу найти прошивку
Hello. I need a software upgrade for my european Mazda MX-30. Current version is 11020. Gracenote database is Can you send me a file? Thanks a lot
Just tried to message Ash8 and was given the message ‘not enough posts’
Automotive lighting Hood Speedometer Automotive tire Automotive design
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And here is the last one, of my MX-5, will it work on this?
Car Wheel Vehicle Tire Land vehicle

Car Vehicle Tire Wheel Motor vehicle
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Just typing a random message so I can message someone for the update file :/
Hi @ASH8, thanks a ton for helping out with these files. I bought my MX-30 used and it's not technically supported by dealers where I live. I'm also technically savvy so I'd rather not bother with an appointment for a firmware upgrade.

As a new member I can't private message you yet, my model is a 2022 MX-30 from North America running System Software 11030 and TCU 10017 at the moment (so slightly behind). Would you mind sending me the latest firmware update and TCU as well? Thanks.
@ASH8 Thanks so much, I managed to upgrade both my TCU and CMU without a hitch to 10020 and 11036 respectively. Didn't even take that long!

I see you've posted the changelog for EU02_11028 in this thread but do you have a similar changelog for the North America (NA02) versions by any chance? It would be nice to have a history of the updates.

@ASH8 I'm a new member, so can't PM anyone yet. We have just bought a new to us 2021 GT Sport Tech, with TCU version 10040 and system software 11024. It is a UK car. Not being offered over the air updates (have updated maps using the mazda update toolbox). Should I look to update locally using USB via some files you can link me to?

Thanks in advance.
Hi @ASH8
I have a 2021 EU Model with the version 11020 and no updates when i search for it. Is there any higher ver. now?
Also Gracenote is
Still new around here and i can't PM you.
PS: not from France, from Portugal
NEW MX-30 EU02_11030 Firmware (Sorry Nothing for EU10 all OTA)
Is just out, you must message me for link, changelog is below..

It appears to receive OTA updates you must subscribe (pay) for Connected Service.

(Ver. 7000C0A-EU02_11030)
• If another incoming call comes in immediately after the hands-free call is ended, it is automatically accepted.
• It takes time to establish Bluetooth® connection.
• When using navigation with heading up mode, the vehicle icon may rotate instead of the map.
• When operating audio source screen, the system may reboot.
• If another incoming call comes in while ending a hands-free call, it is automatically accepted.
• While playing audio tracks using CarPlay, it may stop playing.
• While playing audio tracks using CarPlay, it may mute the volume.
• The system may reboot.
• Beep sounds after every couple of minutes.
• Language setting may not be accepted correctly.
• Traffic Sign Recognition system (TSR) may not show correct speed limit.
• While playing audio tracks using CarPlay, when refusing the incoming call, screen shows “Phone in use” message and it stops playing audio tracks
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Thanks to @ASH8 for the link!
TCU promptly updated this morning (y)

Small modifications during the process:
  • increase in the distance remaining (+ 5 km)
  • increase in consumption displayed 13.8 -> 14 kWh/100km
  • decrease in battery life (-1%)
Hi can you send me the v31 and v55-59 firmware updates for a Mazda 3 2014 2.2 skyactive diesel. I believe my country code is BM EU 06 as I'm based in uk and car has turbo my current firmware version and fail safe is 29.00.000

My music database version is 00.01.000

Could you send me the files to update my os version and failsafe version please
Hi can you send me the v31 and v55-59 firmware updates for a Mazda 3
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