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There is an issue with Mazda Connect screen does not startup after turning on or starting car.
The reason for this is a defective circuit on the PCB.
The repair method is to renew the CMU with one that has been improved.

Currently this advise is for North American models , however I believe this will also apply to the rest of the world in due time.
It applies to MX-30's made up to December 1, 2021, if your MX-30 was made after that date then this does not apply to your car. NOTE: Cars made for other countries may have a different up to production date.

This advice also applies to BP Mazda 3, CX-30, CX-5 and CX-9 with 10inch screen.(all Gen 7 Connect).

If you are having this start up issue then you must complain to your local Mazda Dealer that your Mazda Connect does not startup on many occasions or takes a very long time to, this is not a recall.
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