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Mazda’s first pure-electric vehicle is now in production; still no firm decision on North American sales.

Mazda has begun the production of its first all-electric model, the MX-30. The funky four-door crossover will produced in Hiroshima, at Mazda’s Ujina No. 1 plant.

The MX-30 first broke cover last October. Measuring the exact same length as the CX-30, it ditches the gas engine for a 33.5 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. It also skips the optional four-wheel drive of its conventionally-powered sibling, sending its 143 hp to just the front wheels.

Mazda is targeting a 120-mile range on the European WLTP cycle. While that doesn’t sound like much, Mazda says it deliberately made this size of battery to provide “an optimum balance between a driving range which gives customers peace of mind and CO2 emissions from a life-cycle assessment perspective.” On the flip-side, it also makes for fast charging: owners can get an 80-percent charge in just 40 minutes with DC rapid charging.
While the exterior is quite different from other Mazdas, it’s the interior that makes the biggest changes. Mazda is prioritizing renewable materials inside, with door trim fibers made from recycled plastic bottles, and cork trim on the center console. The Japanese manufacturer is also touting its 7.0-inch, dedicated climate control touchscreen. We’re a little iffy on that one—what’s wrong with physical controls?—but we’ll reserve final judgment for when we have seat time.

That last part might be a while. Mazda has confirmed the MX-30 will go on sale in Europe this autumn, with orders already available. In Germany it will start at €33,990; over in the UK, £30,495. North American availability is still up in the air, though. “We are very interested in bringing this model to Canada and are currently working with our parent company to develop our EV strategy,” a Mazda rep told AutoGuide. “At this point, we have not yet confirmed availability or timing.”

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