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Mazda MX-30 Wins Innovation Award At Top Gear Electric Awards 2023

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Top Gear gave the MX-30 their Innovation Award at the Electric Car Awards this year.

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I was about to ask why? Then I noticed it’s actually for the petrol Wankel engine version…
I might. Depends on the price of the salary sacrifice through work. This version is, by legal definition, a full EV too except it’s got a range of 400 miles.
Well I don’t make the law but it’s because the petrol engine isn’t connected to the drivetrain - it’s only used to charge the battery. Clarkson May and Hammond made an EV on Top Gear once using the same legal definition and it was basically a diesel generator on wheels but because it was driven entirely by electric was allowed to enter ULEZs
Looks as though from an RRP standpoint the R-EV price is exactly the same as the non-R-EV version so the lease price should be the same - therefore assuming this continues production into 2024 then it could be my next car
1 - 4 of 10 Posts