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Hi I鈥檓 new on the forum
I live in Ireland 馃嚠馃嚜
I got Mazda mx30 on March after charging few times range go down every month to around 161-185maximum
Today I charge my car and get shock 127 km on 100%batterie
Usually my wife used this car around town she don鈥檛 drive fast sometimes we drive to other town around 65 km on returning home
I going to Mazda dealership in my town but some person say this battery teaches your driving
At the moment we have temperature -3 degrees so
If any person can help me I will be very grateful
Have good day to all
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Thats quite low.
If your MX30 is new (<500km) then one single drive will affect the range up or down quite a lot.
However my range after 9000km is 150km even in -10C. And my average consumption is up from 15.0 to 16.4kWh/100km in recent months.

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It's the cold weather and same issue I'm facing. It's normal.
On short trips these days, staring with my stone cold MX-30 ( -10 C Norway)
my consumption is around 31kwh and with 80% charge
the info panel says less than 100 km of range.
Auto battery heating ( if it kicks in and not switched off ), cabin heating, tyre pressure, etc. + that
the lithium batteries don't like cold weather can reduced range with 50 % or more in winter time.
When the temperature increase so will the range too. If you have access to a warm garage ( shopping center ? )
nearby, you could park the car for 12 hours and then take it for a ride. You will then notice that the range increase
and it will use less energy until stone cold again. I also have a Kia e-Niro 64kwh which also consume a lot more energy
in winter time, but since the battery is bigger it is not that noticeable since daily trips are ca. 120 km and the car is charged daily.

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It is mainly the cabin heating that consumes a lot of energy. When it is cold and need a larger range I tend to put temperature to 15,5 degrees and use the seat heating.
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