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Hi all
We've had our MX-30 for about 8 weeks now, new motion are being very slow at fitting our home charger so we have been having to charge using the 3 pin plug.
We have some rapid chargers in Skegness, there is 1 Genie point and 1 BP pulse.
The trouble is the genie point and bp here cut out after 2 minutes
It works elsewhere though.
Mazda say they must be old chargers so the car doesn't like it.
Has anyone else had the same problems or problems with Genie chargers please?

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Sorry you are having problems. Checked on Zap-map and they both seem to get ok reviews (and some not) for reliability.

BP Pulse are very hit and miss. Sometimes only the app starts the charge and sometimes the RFID tag is the only way to start. Other times only contactless works.Most of the time the charge works once started. You can take out a 3 month free trial ( through the app which you can then cancel) which also issues the RFID tag and reduces the price during the trial.

Not used GeniePoint as I’ve avoided it as it’s been voted as one of the worst charging networks in the uk. What Car survey

I’ve had a couple of charges where it has cut out-after a couple of minutes. Both times it then worked correctly on the second attempt.

It’s a shame there are no other chargers yet in Skegness. I’ve used a few near hull and there are loads of different options. Hopefully someone like instavolt will put some in soon.

hope you get your newmotion box installed soon.
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