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Mazda announced this morning that the MX-30 has earned 5-star ratings for fontal and side crash tests, plus a 5-star Overall Vehicle Score from NHTSA.

This is an awesome result for a small (by NA standards) car from a relatively small manufacturer and I hope it helps put the MX-30 on more shoppers radars around here. The side crash test result especially will be great news to dealers who have to field questions from shoppers about how the freestyle doors might impact crash protection.

Full press release from Mazda:

WASHINGTON, DC (April 8, 2022) – Mazda North American Operations (MNAO) announces the 2022 Mazda MX-30, the company’s first battery electric vehicle, has received 5-star ratings in frontal and side crash tests, and a 5-star Overall Vehicle Score from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) New Car Assessment Program (NCAP).
NHTSA’s NCAP 5-Star safety ratings are intended to help consumers make smart decisions about safety when purchasing a vehicle. The 5-star safety ratings program evaluates how vehicles perform in crash tests. NHTSA conducts frontal, side, and rollover tests because they account for the majority of crashes on America’s roadways. The unique design of the MX-30’s freestyle doors proved to sustain both side barrier and side pole crash tests with 5-star ratings.
“We aim to offer a confident and joyful driving experience with industry leading safety features that support and protect our drivers and passengers,“ said Mazda North American Operations President and CEO Jeff Guyton. “We work hard to make sure your Mazda has been designed to give you the very best protection and we are proud to have the MX-30 earn the government’s top rating – the NCAP 5-star Overall Vehicle Score.“
All 2022 model year Mazda vehicles tested to NHTSA’s New Car Assessment Program criteria have received 5-star Overall Vehicle Scores.
The MX-30 is the ideal daily commuter with an EPA estimated range of 100 miles on a full charge. Designed to meet the needs of most urban residents, it is equipped with a 35.5 kWh lithium-ion battery that helps maintain its superb driving dynamics and allow for a lower environmental impact.
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