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Check out an entertaining Youtube video about Tesla S Plaid;
Posted by a clearly smart guy living in Canada who loves cars. Kudos to him for posting this👍

S Plaid retails about 130 000 Euro.
As an EV its a kick ass sports car with room for the family. Seamless charging network second to none.

But here is the thing. In some pretty important ways the MX-30 is better and probably safer.
The way the brake pedal works is one. Many have commented on the precise action of the brake pedal in the MX 30. The challenge is to blend regen and friction braking in good way. Mazda did just that.
This dude says the brake pedal in the Tesla is mushy and airy. A car with Tesla S Plaid's power needs a perfect brake pedal. It did not get one.

Wipers and turning signal. You need to access a touch screen to change settings for the wipers. In northern Europe that sounds plain crazy. You even need to meddle with the touch screen to start the car.

Turning signal is not a stalk everyone is used to there is a left and right button on the yoke.
He? The yoke is seriously cool but is the reviewer entirely happy with his über hip yoke?
He is not.

There you have it guys. Enjoy the vid.
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