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MX-30 Wont charge on certain networks

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Hello forum,

I am a recent owner of an MX-30, I have not got off street parking and rely on the public network in my city. I do about 5-10 miles a day.

We have a network called ConnectedKerb and everytime I plug the car in the charging will not commence. I am stuck with a white light.

  • I can charge on other networks with my cable.
  • There is no charge schedule set up
  • Other cars, such as a Kia, can charge on this network.

Is there other settings in the car I need to look for?

Any suggestions would be very helpful, thank you.
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Are you starting the charge through the ConnectedKerb app?
Are you starting the charge through the ConnectedKerb app?
I am using the app. I will plug the vehicle in and commence charge on app but nothing happens and it just waiting for vehicle connection
Maybe try setting up an RFID card and using that? Also make sure the cable is pushed fully into the charge point - I’ve not used ConnectedKerb yet as the one I want to use isn’t showing as connected to the network yet but I know they are a funny shape
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