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MyMazda app connectivity problems.

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I've had my car 4 weeks now and at first, all was well with the app, which was providing data and remote control functions as it should. However, a couple of weeks ago, I started to get messages on the app asking me to verify my personal details, which in fact were all correct. Then, I found that I couldn't manually refresh the data, and now I'm getting no data at all. I've emailed Customer Services but wondering if anybody else has experienced anything similar, and if anybody knows roughly how long it takes to get a reply from CS ? Thanks.
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I have had the same message's. I just saved existing data a good few times and they eventually went away. As of today it shows no data on status when I go into the app. Requesting an update by pulling down the dot does populate it in my case. I suspect there is an app issue currently!

I am just waiting for it to sort itself out!!!

Customer service is a 24/48 hour experience at best based on my recent interaction.

Some steps to try (if you have not done so already) if it continues to be a problem with you only.

Check esim strength in car just in case
Remove and reinstall app
Can you try the app on someone else's phone?
Scratch your head and let out a few expletives until customer service gets back to you

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Thanks Alan. I''ve done the app removal and re-install and my head is well and truly scratched! I suspect that I may have made things worse with much fiddling so I'll wait for the Tech services cavalry. From my conversation with Customer Services today, I did get the impression that the app is misbehaving at the
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As P.S. to my post above, when I was in the car yesterday, a notification for a new update for software systems came up and I was invited to load it. I did - did I do the right thing, or have I let the Gremlins in?
That should only be for the mazda connect system if the car offered it. I have checked for any software updates and the system stated I was up to date. Perhaps you have just installed a catch up. Is the app working today? All fine with myself currently no missing or blank data.

P.s perhaps go to system settings and check for any updates just to be sure...

Thanks Alan. Just checked Systems for any further update but I'm up to date now. As for the App, I'm afraid that all 'live' data is blank and I get an error message when I try to manually refresh. Seems to be truly borked (probably by me 😦) so I'll have to wait for the Mazda techies to come back to me. However, in the context of current events, mine is very much a First World problem!
I assume you checked the esim signal and that was fine. Should be OK if you did the download...straw clutching. Hope you get it sorted and let us know the resolution

P.s did you have to re-enter vin when you reloaded app as I wonder if the link is broken between your app and the vin...just a thought as that would kill communication as your app would not know what vehicle to communicate with hence no data

Must admit I didn't really understand " checking the esim signal" but now assume it means the car's ability to connect with t'internet and/or phone. As you say, as it downloaded successfully yesterday ( and is still in exactly the same place), that seems to indicate that all's well in that department. I'll keep you posted but I'd bet it'll be a while before I hear back from Mazda.
Yeh, car has an electronic sim that connects to a central server via a vin handshake. When you register the app it asks for vin so when the app connects to the central server it can be paired with the car vin.

The software update is independent of the app and is merely the central server pushing it out to all known mx30 vins

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Quick update. I haven't heard back from Mazda techies as such but I checked my App this morning and all is well, with all data present and correct. Perhaps Mazda have done something or perhaps it's self-healed? I drove about 50 miles yesterday so maybe that did it 🤷.
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I was having issues when I was trying to pull data like range, car location etc into my homeassistant dashboard... Turns out the car doesn't like using the same account to access remote data on 2 different devices. As soon as I created a second profile/driver for my home assistant, and my "main" account for the app on my phone all the issues vanished.
Home assistant... It's free open source software that I use to control various smart devices in my home... Whilst your Google and Alexa's can be handy for switching the odd light off and on via voice, home assistant allows you to run various automations and control all your devices in one place. I have it running on a wee raspberry pi controlling various different smart devices from lighting, security cameras and the heating in my home.

For example in the MX30, you can schedule a defrost/preheat on various days and at different times however when it's not cold that just seems a waste of energy. With home assistant I made the preheat a bit if I have appointments in my work diary on a particular day, it will start the preheat/defrost an hour before the first appointment and only if the outside temperature is 3° or lower. I've put in various other conditions like it won't preheat if the charge is below 40% when every bit of juice in the battery counts.

If it's a working from home day - doesn't preheat and same if it's not plugged in or cold enough. is where it can be downloaded from for free. :) I'm sure there is a way I'd be able to share my automation script if you install it.

It's a great smug feeling getting into a warm car while your neighbours across the road are scraping ice off of theirs!

Mazda connected services integration pulls through 23 different "entities" into home assistant... I've attached a screenshots to give you an idea. I'm only using it for preheating however I'm sure there is people cleverer than me that can think of other automations that can be created with the information and control provided
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