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A new update for the MyMazda app will provide EV information for European MX-30 owners. Information that includes charging progress, charging control, remote range indications, and notifications if the has has not been plugged in.

Mazda, on the other hand, is looking to alleviate consumer concerns in every conceivable way. We heard that when the First Edition MX-30 will arrive at some point in 2021 some of its owners will even receive a free home charger. Now the Japanese company is adding even more convenience features through its newly released EV Connected Services for the European users of the MyMazda app.

The update will become available later this year and is set to include a roster of EV-dedicated functions. Users will be able to receive notifications if the car has not been plugged in, to control and check the charging progress, or to see the range indications remotely.

More so, the MyMazda app will allow owners to control the climate setting of the vehicle while still away – if the car is plugged in and charging the cabin can be pre-heated or pre-cooled without draining the battery.

Other remote commands include the option to add into the navigation system up to three separate locations at the same time (even from third-party apps), to locate the car from a distance and lock/unlock the vehicle.

Unfortunately, one key element of the app will probably be the most used, given the range of just 124 miles (200 km) of the SUV – the ability to find the closest charging point and send its address directly to the navigation system.

This function is enhanced with information about the plug type, opening hours, or even real-time availability of the charging points. Mazda uses a decidedly small AC option – just 6.6 kW – while the public charging alternative is a standard 50 kW CCS (Combined Charging System) setup.
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