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Owners may experience that the MyMazda APP cannot communicate the vehicle properly resulting in following issues.

  • Remote Door Lock / Remote Door Unlock will not work.
  • Condition monitor information is not refreshed.

The reason why is the telematics communication unit (TCU) fails to communication with the MyMazda App.

The fix is an update of the software for the TCU where applicable or used.

See this thread here about TCU Driver Update and what to do..

Following models ..
MX-30 (DR)
CX-30 (DM)
Mazda 3 (BP)
CX-5 (KF) (10 inch Connect Screen)
CX-9 (TC) (10 inch Connect Screen)

The update package is available via a small .kwi file (< 10Mb) you download to desktop PC.
The actual update procedure is done via a small (16GB) Fat32 USB Flash Drive which you plug into USB Port in your cars Console.
ONLY genuine Mazda files and .pdf manuals with easy-step procedures are provided with link.

If you want you Mazda Dealer to update YOU MUST Complain to your Dealer Service that you have a particular communications issue with your MyMazda App and car, plus bring your phone too to your Dealer...this is not a recall.

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Update to MyMazda App not working correctly?, YES there is a Genuine Mazda update to TCU Software/Firmware.
Yes you can do this yourself it is a small file of less than 10MB and easy, comes with Genuine Factory Instructions.

FIRST Check what you already have in car first, the latest version for EU/UK MX-30 is 10051 (00010051).
FIRST Check what you already have in car first, the latest version for NORTH America MX-30 is 10019 (00010019).

IF your cars Version is below what is shown above like 00010025 in UK, then yes I advise you update TCU yourself or complain next service to selling Mazda Dealer, from what I have experienced this fixes all communication issues with MyMazdaApp and your Cars TCU.

So, to find out what Version number is in car right now do the following, if you want the new updated file then please Message me for link.
IF your cars Version number is already Higher than what is listed above then obviously you can not update TCU and car will not permit any change. BTW, one can not install another countries Firmware in your MX-30.




Press and Hold DOWN these 3 buttons at SAME TIME….
The Volume Knob, and
Press and Hold DOWN the Entertain PLUS Favorite buttons at the same time for 3-5 seconds
And UNTIL the ‘’Factory/Service Inspection’’ on screen appears.

''Factory/Service Inspection'' screen.
THEN Select
''Service Information''
"TCU Linked Information".

See the 'TCU Software Version'
Rectangle Font Material property Magenta Parallel

The number on the right like 00010023 or 00010006 (examples only) is your Version number currently installed in car, if your number is BELOW the latest TCU Software update available for your Country and Mazda Model listed below then you need (must have) an update to resolve connection issues with the MyMazda App* on mobile Phone and your car.

I can supply download link for the correct Firmware update and instructions, please message reply with your Mazda Model and Year.

* Not all Mazda markets around the World use the MyMazda App, and no you cannot install the software or hardware to your older Mazda to use the MyMazda App and its features, the TCU MUST come with your car from Mazda factory. Mazda detail and what version is currently in your car.

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The latest Genuine Mazda Software Version Number for EU/UK MX-30 is 10051 (00010051).
The latest Genuine Mazda Software Version Number for NORTH America MX-30 is 10019 (00010019).

Yes, I can supply the Genuine Update files with full instructions, very fast and easy to do.

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I have update both files.
Is now OTA updates working?
And how to check this.
Sorry for late response,

First for OTA to work you must have latest MyMazda App on your phone and you have car registered with the APP with Mazda Servers (follow the App instructions and VIN verification to activate the MyMazda App).

So I assume you have done all this then you should also be able to use the interactive feature within the MyMazda App like service history, unlocking of car drivers door via App and whatever remote features are permitted in your country as they do vary.

If all that is working OK then any future Mazda Connect updates are done you should see them via OTA function, obviously provided all the other App use features are activated and work as intended, plus your Telco data usage is active.
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