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Hi all..
Mazda in Europe have discovered that some owners have an insufficient
driving range after a full Battery Charge in Winter or cold temps.

The reason why is owners naturally use the cars electric heater to keep warm
inside cabin which will naturally shorten the driving range from cars power supply (battery).

The fix is a Software Update if owners want it done to ADD an 'ECO Mode' selection setting
to Heater to scale back the cycle of heat pump use to off.

Cars made AFTER May 9th 2022 already has this extra ECO Mode setting in their MX-30.

Obviously there is a disadvantage when you select 'ECO Mode' as the Heater Compressor is
turned off, however the Seat Heaters and Steering Wheel Heater remain on.

In my opinion I see this as a bonus that gives the owner more choice.

This Software addition is done by your Mazda Dealer to Reprogram the CCC and DASH-ESU with
MDARS and is free.
TSB No is R052/22.
Tell your Dealer next time you car is in for inspection and quote the TSB number.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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