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If your Mazda MX-30 was made AFTER April 7, 2022 (North America) then this TSB does not apply to your Mazda.

TSB NUMBER: 09-033/22

The MX-30 Owner Complaint and Issue..

Some MX-30s may exhibit a rattle noise near the driver’s and/or passenger’s head rest area at the B-pillar while driving on rough roads.

This is caused by an interference between the rear end of the front door glass run-channel and the front end of rear sash molding.

The fix is to RENEW the rear sash moldings with a modified one following the instructions in TSB.

PART Number list (North America)

View attachment 728

View attachment 729

View attachment 730

View attachment 731
for a quick fix put Velcro pads and affected areas and that would be the soft part not the grippy bit I still have them on my car and for at least 4 months now and still no noise
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