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Second Service for my 21 plate MX30

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Just had a second service for my MX30, all ok except for the satnav SD card, could not update the thing in Windows 12. The dealership is good. My dealership is a Perry's, they have a wide range of car manufactures in their showrooms around the UK. But I did ask one question, if I wanted to trade in my MX30 earlier, could I purchase a different EV car, say MG (for example) could I do it from my local dealership? No, they don't do that, think they are missing a trick here?

My dealership in Canterbury is a Mazda and Vauxhall, so I thought I would ask for a Corsa EV as a courtesy car, it was the same plate as mine a 21. I must say I was very disappointed with the Corsa, lots of plastic inside, bodywork outside was just in ok condition for a two year old car and the brake callipers were rusty, the build of the Mazda inside and out is heads above the little Vauxhall. Its nice having a few more miles in the Corsa, but the drive does not compare with the MX30 in my view.

I was hoping for the new Astra EV, great looking car, but the production was delayed, which was a shame. I have the MX30 for another two years, so I am hoping for something else when that day arrives. I love the Mazda, but I cannot see where they are going with their EV range, the rotary addition for me is not the answer. Who knows in two years time they might have introduced another model with a better range.

Has anyone had a different EV as a courtesy car, and what did you think of it?
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I'm hoping that Mazda in a couple of year will provide the opportunity to upgrade the battery pack for all MX 30 with another one - same size but with more capacity. I would be willing to spend more money to upgrade : I love this car too much and would not want to exchange it for any other. But i know that this is just a dream and I don't think it will come true.
This is my first Mazda, and I like the build and feel, like you I just hope they continue with additions to the models with increased ranges.
same size but with more capacity. I would be willing to spend more money to upgrade
Don't hold your breath, ha ha. I was hoping to get the newer faster charger that would give me 11kW on AC...that will not happen.
......11 KW on AC? do you mean for home charging? (i already have it ;)). Traveling i only use DC (up to a max of about 35-40 KWh) and i recharge at home in the night at about 3 KWh (13 A) and is more than enough for me.
I am glad it works for you. I will switch to a Hyundai this year.
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