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I can’t find anything on the app apart from you can put climate control to come on instant but I believe it will only run for 30 minutes max, you got to think of that battery power

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Yeah, I meant to set a departure time at eg 7:00 and then the car is preheated at that time.
This is possible on my BMW and also was on the VW e-Golf I changed from to the MX-30

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Found this is section 5/12 of the user manual. Never tried it. Is this what you mean?

cabin preconditioning operates
for 30 minutes. If you set the
departure time using the Climate
Control Timer, set it 30 minutes or
later from the current time and if you
want to make several settings, space
them out at intervals of 30 minutes
or longer.
x Enabling the defroster setting will aid
you in defrosting and removing ice or
snow from the window glass. The
defroster performance changes
according to the set temperature.
▼ Turning On the Air-Conditioning
System Using the Timer (Climate
Control Timer)
By setting the departure time using
Mazda Connect, the air-conditioning
system operates and adjusts the cabin
temperature by the departure time.
The departure time, day, set
temperature, and defroster operation/
non-operation can be personalised,
and 7 types of patterns can be
programmed in advance. You can
check the cabin temperature and the
setting status using your Smartphone
while the Climate Control Timer is
To operate the Climate Control Timer,
switch the power switch OFF.
x The Climate Control Timer does not
operate while the remote
air-conditioning is operating.
x The Climate Control Timer can be
stopped by a Smartphone remote
x When programming days for the
Climate Control Timer, you do not
have to set it every time because the
programming continues into the
following weeks.
How to set the Climate Control Timer
Place a check in the check box for the
function you want to enable ( ) or
uncheck it to disable ( ) the
1. Select “Settings” from the Mazda
Connect home screen.
2. Select “EV Settings”.
3. Select “Climate Control Timer”.
4. Select the item setting you would
like to change from the displayed
Climate Control Timer
Allows climate control to adjust cabin
temperature before driving.
Function Available setting changes
1 ---
2 ---
3 ---
4 ---
5 ---
6 ---
7 ---
*1 If an item selected using the cursor
has been set, the item can be
enabled or disabled. *2 Settings can be “Edit”/“Delete” by
sliding an item selected using the
cursor to the right.

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Am I dumb, or is there no way I can set the departure time in the App for preheating battery and climate control?

Don't think you can do it in the app, but you can setup profiles in the car so that the car will work out when to start the various heating systems based on the time you want it ready. If it's still plugged in and the charge profile is set to "charge on connection" it will also then top up the battery. Been working well this past week in the UK :)
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