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Mazda has finally released a TCU Software Updates for North American NA , and European/UK EU , MX-30s

This new release Driver Update is specific for and only for Mazda MX-30s.

While your Mazda Dealer should update this software when your car is in for scheduled Service it is not done and in many occasions OTA (Over The Air) not done either. Can be a catch 22 as one must complain of an issue to your Dealer before most Mazda Dealers Service Departments touch anything computerised.

It appears that this new updated Driver(s) is the reason why you are not seeing OTA (Over The Air) Updates as Mazda Servers cant communicate with car via your Phone and MyMazda App on your phone, see below there is also a Dealer TSB from Mazda USA to Dealers, I expect similar from MME (Europe) soon.

Either way my advice is if you are basic PC savvy, then you should update your TCU and not wait for the Dealer to do the update as many do not, unfortunately.

Seriously it is Not difficult at all to do, follow instructions.

Included in this thread is a .Pdf called "TCU Update Procedure", this is Genuine Mazda Dealer instruction as is the TCU update files for the following.
NA 10019 for North America, Canada and Mexico.
EU 10051 for Europe and UK.
If your MX-30 Version is Below 10019 New 10020 for NA or 10051 for EU then I advise you perform an update.

Also below is new for North America Dealers .Pdf
I expect to see a TSB from MME (Europe) saying the same information to their Dealers.

If you want to update your MX-30s TCU Driver Software yourself then you must download a small file (under 10Mb) from a link I will provide also with the easy instructions, however you must FORUM 'message' me by clicking on my Avatar on left above and then "Message" or "Start conversation", and then ask for the link to download.

Yes as a Mazda man I strongly suggest you update your TCU as this hardware device interacts with MyMazda App and your Car and your Telco communication with Mazda Servers.

You can not do any harm as the Mazda systems now will now only ever permit Genuine Mazda Updates with the 100% correct file.

I provide Mazda Owners with official help as a retired Mazda worker and also multiple Mazda Owner I only do what is right by the brand and you.

Zoom Zoom.


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Had any of you had problems with the update via USB? My system responds "no update file found(s)"
Why post this for? You asked me privately and I told you what to do first... you gave me next to nothing.
More than likely your MX30 has EU10 Firmware.
Read the private message.
Hi, do you have the TCU update file for mazda CX30 Europe?
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