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Wireless car dongle

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Does anyone manage to use a wireless car dongle for apple car play ?
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Hi @Erik,
I got myself a Carlinkit 2 adapter a couple of weeks ago and so far so good. I was a bit skeptical since their website shows unstable compatibility for Mazdas but it turns out that I haven’t encountered any issue (yet).
I’ve got a CPLAY2air en route to me right now. I’ll update when it arrives as to how successful I am with it.
Hi there. Did the adaptor arrive? Does it work OK?
Yup. Works flawlessly. If you get one, just make sure you follow instructions to update the firmware, which doesn’t happen automatically and has to be manually initiated.

No complaints really; I do wish it was a bit faster to connect - supposedly they have a new model that is faster, but it’s not so bad that I’ve upgraded. I find that by the time I put on the seat belt, release the parking break, and search for my destination on the phone, it’s connected.
Good to hear. I also have an CPLAY2air and it does not work. The manufacturers have asked for a firmware update to the car infotainment system. Do you know what firmware your infotainment runs? Mine is 11024.
I've been on 11018 (Australian) for over a year.
Do these also work for android auto? I've seen a few dongles advertised on AliExpress but would be good to hear from someone who has actually bought and used one before I hit the buy button?
Mine arrived last week.
I updated it immediatly, but i have nothing but trouble.

It works, connects, start apple carplay. But it just gets stuck a lot, and reacts really slow sometimes. And today it would not take my GPS and play my spotify....

I am going back to a cable connection.
I have tested CPLAY2Air and carlinkit 4.0
CPLAY2Air was terrible. Continues frezing and crashing. Even after a custom update from support. So in my oppinion avoid

carlinkit 4.0 works perfect. You do need a manual update from them (januari 2023 update) which solved all problems 😬
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